Off Ice Training


All the Grand Rapids Blades hockey players (Squirt to Bantam) have access to off-ice training this season. The main goals of our off-ice training are to develop athleticism in all of our young athletes. The program will focus on technique training in agility, balance, speed, coordination, and plyometrics, in order to improve overall conditioning specifically for hockey along with improving skating mechanisms, stride power, core strength, overall body strength, and flexibility. The athletes will also be coached on neuro-muscular control, dietary habits, motivation, and sports discipline. Stickhandling, passing, shooting and game strategy (depending on the age group) will learn off-ice as well.

The off-ice training will be run once or twice a week depending on the age group and will take place either before or after the on-ice session depending on each team’s schedule.

We believe in developing overall athleticism at a young age.


With this Off-ice program, we are creating an environment where athletes can develop, have fun and improve their overall athletic skills. This is done by addressing athleticism, quality repetitions, timely feedback, and the use of a proper progression and equipment. Personalized instruction will give each athlete the proper tools they need to gain the edge. We train athletes to become quicker, faster, stronger, more agile, flexible and more powerful with a better work capacity/stamina. This is done by teaching proper technique and developing age-specific programs that maximize every athlete’s true potential.

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